Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony 17 August Divided at IKN and Jakarta




HIBURAN – President Jokowi, revealed the reasons why the 79th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia (HUT RI) was celebrated.

Jokowi revealed that the Indonesian Independence Day commemoration scheme would be divided into two locations, namely at IKN and Jakarta.

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“This is a transition period, from Jakarta to IKN Nusantara, so the journey towards the move must be visible. So it will still be done here and there,” said Jokowi at Posyandu Taman Sawo, South Jakarta, Tuesday (11/6/2024).

The celebration of the 79th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia at IKN will be held if there is a Presidential Decree.

“Next year, if there is a Presidential Decree regarding the transfer, then IKN will be there,” he said.

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“This also includes the mobilization of transportation for accommodation,” continued Jokowi.

Apart from that, Jokowi said that he would invite important guests such as former presidents to the 79th Indonesian Independence Day ceremony.

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“Everyone (including former presidents) will be invited to the Indonesian Capital City (IKN),” he stressed.